PC Sales: Hurst & Bedford Computer & Laptop Sales

If you are looking for a basic internet browsing desktop or a lightning fast multitasking laptop, we have exactly what you need. We sell electronics of all varieties and stock many new and refurbished computers and if we don’t have what you had in mind we can custom build any PC you can dream up. It’s time to upgrade and we have the knowledge to get you just what you need.

We have refurbished machines starting at $100!!  These are solid basic machines having at least a dual core processor 4Gb of Ram and a 250 Gb hard drive.

Come in to any of our stores to browse through our selection or to order the computer that is right for you. We have different PCs available at different locations so you can always call us for details as well. 817-280-0500

Windows  7 and Windows 10 Computer Sales

We still have Windows 7 available if you are not yet ready for what Windows 10 has to offer, but if you are ready we have a large selection of Windows 10 machines as well.

Business Workstations – Custom Business Computers

Multitasking is the key to productivity and success and your workstation is no different. The ability of your employees and yourself to complete work quickly will increase profits and employee sanity. We can recommend the right device for your business needs or custom build one if you have more demanding applications.  Whether you need a machine with 6 displays to track the market or lightning fast processing for your digital imaging we will find or build what fits your needs.

Business Servers

Do you need an always on system that will meet the demanding needs of your business.  If you do we can build and support it.  We can set you up in the cloud if that will serve your business the best or we can build you a clustered virtual server system with multiple physical hosts to provide you with local power that would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars just a few years ago.   We can also support and manage your existing systems with an eye toward eventual upgrades that will keep you running at full speed.

Custom Gaming Computers

If you are a gamer we can set you up with a top of the line custom gaming computer that will get the frames per second you have only dreamed of. It is time to unleash your potential!  Gaming systems need major video processing power and we know how to build them.  We work with the latest technology and know how to eliminate the bottlenecks that hold you back.  We build systems that are as cutting edge as your budget can handle and we provide the knowledge so that today’s system can be tomorrows system as well through upgradeablity and smart system design.

Contact any of our stores in Hurst or Bedford for a custom quote on these services.