Service Details and Warranty

Professional Evaluation: Our trained technicians will run extensive tests to determine any and all issues your
computer is experiencing.

▪Hardware diagnostics are designed to stress the components of a system and report errors seen during

▪Software diagnostics are designed to check for virus threats and errors within the operating system

Service Advice: Once our technicians have finished diagnostics on your system, you will be contacted and
informed of all issues found and pricing for repairs.

▪Work will not begin on any repairs until approval has been granted by the system owner.

▪If you choose to deny repairs at this time, work will halt on your system. Diagnostic fees and other applicable
charges will still be applied to your final bill.

Abandoned Equipment: Systems left for more than 30 days after completion notification will be considered
abandoned and will be recycled for parts and/or sold as used equipment in order to recoup costs to PC‐Help
for unpaid repairs.

Data Loss: Due to the nature of computer repair, there are times when loss of data or data integrity are
unavoidable. PC‐Help is not liable for loss of data at any time, though our technicians will strive to maintain
your data when possible. Additional fees may be applied with owner consent at these times.

Warranty: All repairs that include a diagnostic and address ALL found issues will have a 10 day warranty for
any and all software based problems. Customers have the option to extend this warranty any time during
their warranty period at additional cost.