Return Policy

All Products purchased at a PC‐Help store may be returned for a refund or exchange within 15 days of the purchase date (16 if PC‐Help stores are
closed on the 15th day) with the following guidelines:

1. Any system (such as a laptop, desktop, or tablet) carries a flat $125 restocking fee. This fee covers the cost of PC‐Help to wipe any data or
programs installed, and to reload the operating system. It also covers the markdown of the system due to the condition now being defined as

2. All merchandise carries a 20% restocking fee. This restocking fee is based on the price the item was purchased at.

3. Software carries NO return and is considered “sales final” at the time of purchase.

4. Defective product returned within 15 days can be exchanged provided inventory availability. If no suitable replacement product is available in
store for exchange, a refund can then be given with no restocking fee. Restocking fees are only waived if the product cannot be exchanged due to

5. Only systems sold as “PC‐Help refurbished” carry a warranty that is fulfilled by PC‐Help. “Factory refurbished” and “Factory new” systems carry a
manufacturer warranty and any repairs are to be fulfilled as the manufacturer warranty specifies.

6. All returns and exchanges must be performed at the PC‐Help location the merchandise was purchased from. In the case of exchanges, PC‐Help
will attempt to check the inventory of other locations and have a suitable replacement transferred to the original store.