Managed IT Services – Business Network Consulting

We are your business IT department! With 24/7 monitoring of your office equipment as well as weekly maintenance we provide all the IT support you need at a fraction of the cost of in-house techs. Whether you are a small business of 5 employees or if you staff hundreds we can negotiate a full time solution that will work for you.

It does not take much to damage an office network but it takes a lot of hard work to keep it running well. We have the well trained and highly skilled IT professionals to get the job done right the first time so your business can keep performing at optimal efficiency. We offer small business IT support as well as corporate IT support.

It is time to be proactive instead of reactive. Regular monitoring and maintenance can help prevent major technical difficulties. Our complete managed IT service lets you budget for your IT expenses so you won’t have any surprises. Even if you think you need in-house IT let us evaluate your office, we may be able to save you more money than you think and get you better results. You can even stop by to chat in person at one of our two locations in Hurst and Keller.

Who needs complete managed IT?
– Small business and medium businesses
– Financial services
– Law firms
– Healthcare
– Dental care
– Brokerages
– Nonprofits and organizations
– And many more

What does complete managed IT cover?
– Consulting
– Asset management
– Server management
– Workstation management
– Network management
– Security and viruses
– 24/7 monitoring
– Peripherals


Contact any of our stores in Hurst and Bedford for a custom quote on these services.